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As an experienced Orlando CPA, Burgos CPA Services, LLC has helped individuals and small businesses achieve their financial goals through various methods of Tax Strategy.


Our founder, Rafael Burgos, knows what is needed to make sure his clients are in good financial standing with the IRS while also being strategic in their business approach. His other services include the following:


Tax planning and strategizing is the more exciting part of tax. It is a process that both individuals and business owners can take advantage of year-round. This process involves planning in an effort to help you reach your tax goals.


At Burgos CPA Services, LLC we help you identify those goals, then we create customized strategies to fit the client. Whether it is tax savings asset protection, reducing the likelihood of an audit, or just saving time, tax planning is an integral part of overall financial health.


In the event of an audit or in response to an IRS notice, we will represent you. This includes representation for dealing with income tax, payroll tax, or any IRS-related issues. Whether responding to a scary IRS letter or a full-blown audit, we have years of experience in this respect, and you will have peace of mind that someone who is knowledgeable will reach the best possible outcome. We can work towards ending any wage garnishments or releasing a tax lien, penalty abatement, to set up an installment agreement, offer in compromise, or another plan for your tax debt. 

In the event of an audit or in response to a Florida Department of Revenue notice, we will represent you. For those who have sales tax obligations, a sales tax audit is more probable that an IRS income tax audit. Additionally, sales tax audits often result in painful tax assessments and penalties. At Burgos CPA Services we take pride in fiercely defending our clients and working tirelessly to resolve any compliance issues. 


Other financial services provided at Burgos CPA Services; LLC include:

•    Trust account management
•    Accounts Receivable management
•    Account Payable management
•    Notary services
•    Entity formation

If you are in need of top-rated tax services in the Central Florida area, Burgos CPA Services, LLC is ready to help. Our qualified tax professionals offer years of experience and have worked with small business owners, independent contractors, sole proprietors, individuals, and much more. For a free consultation, click here.

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