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If you are looking for a Certified Public Accountant in Orlando to prepare your taxes, Burgos CPA Services, LLC is here to help. We have the skills necessary to assist with either your personal or business taxes. Tax laws in our country are always evolving and a skilled financial professional can help you navigate through the complicated process while ensuring that your tax savings are maximized and minimizing your risk for an audit.


Beyond making sure that your tax returns are filed on time and accurately, we will help you with tax planning and taking care of any notices that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or Florida Department of Revenue may send and dealing with those promptly.


At Burgos CPA Services, LLC, we specialize in preparing tax returns for small businesses and individuals. Our system for processing tax returns leverages technology, resulting in accurate tax returns provided in the most efficient way. 

The best tax results are achieved with proper tax planning, beginning with creating the most beneficial entity and organization. Then using a proactive mindset that uses financial statement analysis and projections to understand our clients' tax positions, we create customized strategies to fit each client.

Many of our clients have estimated tax payments for taxes on income that are not subject to withholding tax. These different income types can include self-employment, business earnings, rent, interest, dividends, and more. Some business owners and individuals can also receive K-1s for their interest in companies and must make estimated tax payments.


Payroll Processing

When you work with Burgos CPA Services, LLC to process your payroll, we will ensure that your employees are paid on time and correctly while keeping all your legal payroll obligations to the IRS and Florida Department of Revenue in line. Properly processing your payroll can be a difficult task to handle on your own, but it is a crucial aspect of operating your business and keeping your employees happy. 

Federal and State Deposits 

Federal and state governments require most employers to withhold, deposit, report, and pay social security taxes, income taxes, and unemployment taxes. Many states are set up for electronic filing of payroll taxes. If your business is in a state that does not provide electronic filing, we can provide you with the amount and the due date to make these payments. We will complete your federal and state payroll filings, including quarterlies, year-end forms, and W-2s. Also, your payroll information will be maintained and readily available including employee records, past pay stubs, tax filings, and records of tax payments.

1099 Issuance 

Form 1099-MISC is issued by a business to a subcontractor who provides services to you for $600 or more during a calendar year. We can help with issuing and filing Form 1099-MISC for payments are made in the course of your trade or business.


Monthly & Quarterly Processing

By choosing to have the experts at Burgos CPA Services, LLC help you with your sales tax compliance, you are ensuring that your sales tax deposits will be calculated, paid, and recorded correctly. We identify any items where sales tax does not apply and calculate your sales tax due with precision. Then, we will file your sales tax with the Florida Department of Revenue on time. In addition, we will organize and maintain the proper supporting documentation necessary to avoid hefty penalties when audited. 


With an extensive background working with businesses of all sizes, Burgos CPA Services, LLC offers the experience needed to help you and your business meet your financial goals while staying in compliance with the ever-changing laws. To learn how we can assist with your accounting and bookkeeping needs, click here to schedule a FREE consultation.

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